Symposia & Conferences Division

Disclaimer Policy for Online Registration & Attendance:


 General Rules & Declaration:

By accepting the general terms and conditions, the participant declares that he/she agrees on our rules. The participant acknowledges that she/he has no right to lodge damage claims against the organizers. With her/his registration, the participant accepts this provision. All participants are expected to abide by the following policies and regulations and we reserve the right to take the following measures:  

- No ID, No Entry as participants must wear the conference badge at all times during the activity as the issued event badges should be worn visibly at all times and ready to verify their identity upon the request of organizers.

- Use of cameras and audio/video recording is prohibited.

- Should a participant decide to leave the venue before the conference ends, the participant must surrender his/her conference badge.

-  Participants should not leave their valuables unattended. The management will not be liable for loss of personal belongings. 

- Snacks and light lunch are included in the registration fee.

- Mobile phones should be switched to silent mode at all times during sessions.

- The venue is a smoke-free area. (non-smoking)

- For assistance on your health problems, please proceed to the registration desk.

- Go Green: The Organizers applies Go Green policy hence, no printed material will be distributed.

- Representatives shall normally be at least 18 years of age. Younger representatives will not be allowed due to safety and security matters. We cannot provide on-site childcare services hence; children cannot participate in our activities, even if accompanied by an adult attendee.

- The DPE- SCD has the right to amend the policies whenever deemed necessary.

Online Registration & Payment Policy:

1- Participants need to create an online account at so they can register in an event.

2- Payment is via online system only and will not be accepted if the participant does not have an online file and registration.

3- Payment is required for all events at the time of registration.

4- Conference online registration is separate from workshop registration.

5- All Deposits are non-refundable or subjected for cancellations and/or rescheduling or transferring to another event.

6- Participants are responsible for the event dates reserved for them.

7- Registrants will not be permitted to attend an event with a balance due. (Registrants will not be permitted to attend an event unless their registration fee is fully paid.)

8- All advance event registrations will be made through our online registration.

9- For advance registrations, we will accept payment by Mada, Visa, and MasterCard.

10- Online event page lists the cutoff date for registrations. If seats are available on the day of the event we will accept walk-up registrations, payments can be made by Mada, Visa, and MasterCard.

11- Cash, checks, and purchase orders are not accepted for any event.

12- Only individual payment will be accepted, no group payments allowed.

13- Participants are exclusively responsible for their accounts and all details they provide in the system.

14- The organizing department (DPE- SCD) is not liable for the errors or inaccuracies of spellings, titles, SCFHS professional numbers, ​etc. and the situations resulting to non-issuance of e-certificates or rejection of CME crediting in the Mumaris System.

15- Attendees must abide, follow and complete the attendance scanning timeline. Any participant who is absent, misses the scheduled log in, or arrives late at the venue, will not be considered as an active participant and will not earn an e-certificate. 

16- On-site registration will be accepted but receipt of all privileges cannot be guaranteed.

17- The DPE- SCD has the right to amend the policies whenever deemed necessary. 

Attendance Policy:

 Please follow the instructions below carefully:

- Onsite registration: will be available on the first day of the event - if needed - and only for limited seats; however, receipt of all privileges cannot be guaranteed.

- Attendance:

Morning Sign-in8:009:30
Last Session Sign-outAfter last session ends1 hour thereafter
Morning Sign-in8:009:30
Last Session Sign-outAfter last session ends1 hour thereafter

1- Please be advised that attendance scanning time can be subject to changes depending on the program schedules' adjustments during the event days.

2- Participants should be punctual and follow the timeline and program announced.

3- The venue dates and timeline of the event can be subject to changes by the organizer whenever deemed necessary.

4- The participants must bring their original Identification card while attending the event. Screenshots or electronic images of said Identification cards are not permissible.

5- Participants who don't show proper identification or badge will not be allowed to attend the conference.

6- Access to conference functions without a conference badge will be denied. Participants without an official conference badge will be asked to show proof of registration.

7- All registrants who are subjected to slot availability will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve concept.

Events Workshops Policy for Online Registration and Payment:

Workshop Registration Guidelines:

- Online registration and payment for workshops are required and non-refundable.

- Complete your personal information in your profile at by visiting the event website

- Workshop registration is separate from forum registration

- Choose the workshop that you are interested in.

- Registration is subjected to slot availability will be accepted on a first- come, first-serve concept.

- No group payments allowed, only individual payment will be accepted.

Please note the following:

- If you cannot select the workshop that you want to register in that means that the workshop is already full.

- Registrants cannot transfer from one workshop to another without securing approval through the workshop coordinator.

- All the workshop fees are non-refundable.

Survey links and CME hour accreditation will only be activated if the participant has:

1- Completed registration process including payment and badge issuance

2- Updated Account Profile with accurate Saudi Council Number in the Events Management System and should there be no error in the details which can result in submission rejection is solely the responsibility of the participant

3- Completing the attendance record required for the main event and selected workshop.

4- Please be informed that it may take four to five weeks to accredit the participants with CME hours as records have to be reviewed and verified (payment & attendance) prior communicating with the SCFHS for further actions.